1st Jun. 1998

Kenic system is established as a private business.

Jul. 1998

Became an observer for the gYoung Edisonh program
(venture development project in Okayama Prefecture).

Aug. 1998

Developed gH8S/2134 generic CPU boardh as the first original product and initiated sales.

Oct. 1998

Developed gspecial infrared remote control unith as the second original product and initiated sales.

Apr. 1999

Developed gultra low-cost color LCD controllerh as the third original product.
Received a designation from Kyocera Corporation.
Sped up the development of LCD controllers.

Feb. 2000

Developed an exclusive starter kit gKS3224-YCSHh which allows easy development of the
KS3224-03P using SH-2.

Jun. 2000

Started agent sales of LCD-related products.

Nov. 2000

Exhibited LCD controller series at a trade fair for the first time.

Mar. 2001

Relocated the office due to business expansion.
Business continues at its current location in Uchio, Okayama, Japan.

Mar. 2003

Established gKenic system, Ltd.h

Apr. 2003

Assumed the position of visiting lecturer at Okayama University of Science.
Jan. 2004 Wrote a feature article for a technical magazine.
Mar. 2007 Opened the Tokyo office. (located near Ochanomizu Station)
May 2008 Received high marks for the Lattice LCD controller.
May 2009 Proposed a new paradigm of LCD integration using the mini-accelerator.

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